How we designed the Burrow teepee to be the best dog bed in Australia

What should you look for in a great dog bed?

As we went through the process of designing the Burrow teepee there were a number of considerations we looked at, some that we traded off against, and others that we were unwilling to compromise on. Here’s the list:


First and foremost we wanted to design a space that our dogs (Millie, Gigi and Bailey) would love. To do this the cushion needed to be soft, the fabric needed to be natural so it would be comfortable under paw, and the entrance and space needed to be large enough to comfortably navigate. The bed (which became a teepee) also needed to create a cosy safe space similar to the caves and burrows that dogs and cats have traditionally built their homes in.

Like humans dogs and cats often need a little bit of time to unwind and a chance to decompress, tend to personal grooming, and hide their toys. A number of studies have confirmed that over stimulation and not having a safe private space can contribute to anxiety. As a result, we wanted to create a calming dog bed that was more aesthetically pleasing than a crate but gave our furry friends some privacy and space away from us when they wanted it.

Minimalistic and thoughtful design that is empathetic to the space is essential in our homes and so we designed the teepees with clean but interesting lines and shapes in a neutral warm colour palette. Our goal was that rather than being at odds in a living room, it would compliment our overall look and feel. Jump on our instagram for a better sense of our style and how the Burrow teepees fit into a modern Australian home.

As we finalised our design and started to source vendors, we had a couple of key principles in mind. First, that the product needed to be durable and second, that both the fabric and process needed to be sustainable. As a result, we landed on a canvas and cotton combination with sustainably grown Tasmanian Oak poles. Today we design our product in Australia, source our materials both locally and internationally, and manufacture in China. While we are continually working to reduce our carbon footprint and bring manufacturing home this has been the best option for quality and sustainability we have been able to achieve with our scale so far.

One of our biggest bugbears are dog beds that are hard to wash. As a result having pillows that could be aired easily and covers that could be easily machine washed was essential. Today you can zip off the covers and throw them in a cold wash in minutes. 

While we explored a teepee and bed that could brave the elements we are not there yet so please keep your Burrow teepee inside.

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