How to assemble and care for your teepee

When we designed the Burrow teepee we had three things in mind. First, that our pups had to love them, second that they looked beautiful in our home, and third that they were easy to look after.

As a result, our teepees are machine washable, line dryable, and are made with a durable luxury canvas so will withstand the test of time.

How to assemble your teepee
You will receive 4 oak tent poles, a canvas teepee, a cushion, a cover, and a tie for your poles. 

How to assemble your Burrow Teepee

Step 1: Lifting the teepee by the peak, feed the four timber poles through each of the openings. Make sure the poles go the entire way through. You should have approx. 2cm of timber pole visible at the base.
Step 2: Group the four timber poles together at the top and use the teepee tie provided to secure them together.
Step 3: Insert the foam cushion at the base of the teepee.

Top Tip!
To remove a little dirt from your teepee, simply take a wet wipe and job done.

How to wash your teepee

To wash your teepee remove the poles and cushion and place in a cold machine wash with your preferred washing detergent. We recommend washing your teepee separately. Hang on the line to dry - do not tumble dry. To make the teepee look brand new use a hot iron to iron out creases. Be careful not to iron over the burrow label on the back and avoid getting steam near it also, as it can cause discolouration. Pop your poles and cushion back in and your pup is ready to start enjoying.

How to wash your cushion cover
Unzip your cushion cover from the foam insert and place the cover in a cold machine wash with your preferred detergent. We recommend washing your cover separately. Lie flat to dry and then iron out the creases with a hot iron. To restuff, fold your foam cushion in half and insert it into the cover, letting it uncurl. Push the foam cushion into the corners and once snug inside, rezip. Your cushion cover is fresh and ready to go.

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