Bringing puppy home - the top five things every new owner needs

Are you getting a new puppy and not quite sure where to start? Don’t worry! Here’s our checklist of the top five things to create a calm and welcoming home for your newest family member.

1. A calming puppy bed
Many puppies experience anxiety as they adjust to their new life. Creating an enclosed safe space just for them helps ease stress and builds your dog’s confidence as they develop.

Crate training has become popular in recent years but it’s not for every dog or breed. A Burrow teepee is a great alternative to crate training, as it still provides a wonderful hideaway but without the feeling of a small cage. We recommend using a foldaway fence (available at most pet stores) to create an enclosed play space with teepee, water bowl, puppy pads and toys for your puppy to explore. Also, its a good idea to put a couple of puppy pads on the cushion inside until your pup is fully house trained. For an extra bit of comfort, place a cotton sheet across the top of the enclosure at night to further mimic dogs natural den instincts. Your puppy will feel safe, secure and settled.


2. Smells like home
To help soothe anxious pups, place a baby swaddle wrap that smells like their mother and siblings in their bed or crate with them. As your bond with your puppy grows, you may find them fast asleep on a pile of laundry as your scent begins to bring them comfort. Leaving them with a sock or pair of your old pyjamas can be a great way to ease separation anxiety as you establish your nightime routine or quickly duck out to the shops.

K-mart Interlock Wraps – Blossom

3. Toys
Like babies and young children, your puppy is exploring their new world with sensory play. Having a range of toys to chew, snuggle and chase is fun for them and you. Swapping toys in and out on a regular basis keeps boredom at bay. We love these beautiful wool dog toys, handmade by women artisans in Nepal and available at Sebastian Says.

Sebastian Says Wool Toy – Indigo

4. The right food
It’s important you puppy gets the right nutrients without upsetting their sensitive tummy. Different dog breeds naturally gravitate towards foods that were part of their evolution or wild habitat. For example, English Cocker Spaniels were bred as gun dogs to fetch poultry for their owners and therefore love a diet of raw turkey mince with chicken-based puppy kibble and dried chicken treats. Check with your vet or professional dog trainer as to which foods will best suit your new puppy and their needs.

5. Love
The most important thing in the world and the one ingredient that will ensure a happy, healthy puppy is your love and affection.


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